• 3-year-old Class:

Children entering the 3-year-old class should be 2 years, 9 months by the start of school.  If the class is not full, children may begin in the class once they turn 2.9

  • Younger 4-year-old Class:

The afternoon younger 4-year-old class is designed primarily for children who will turn 4 in the fall, and who would benefit from a smaller class size. (This is the first preschool experience for many of these children, and many of them will continue on to a 4-year-old program the following year.)

Children entering the younger 4-year-old class should be 4 by December 31st.

Children born in January might be considered for the younger 4-year-old class with the recommendations of teachers, the Director, and the Chairperson.

  • Pre-K Class:

Preference will be given first to children currently enrolled in 4-year-old classes at the Coop, second to children currently enrolled in the younger 4-year-old class and the 3-year-old classes at the Coop, third to siblings, interim members, and alumni, and fourth to the general public.