During the School Year

The school offers an afternoon adventures program Monday through Friday from 12:00-3:00PM for children being dropped off and 11:45-3:00 for children who are in morning class.  During this program, children will be engaged in science, math, language arts, dramatic play, and outdoor activities. The curriculum will be theme-based where children will develop social, emotional, cognitive, fine, and gross motor skills. Children attending Afternoon Adventures will bring their lunch and a water bottle. A quiet period is provided.

Afternoon Adventures is open to all Coop children and morning Kindergartners in the local school systems. Siblings and the general public may attend if space is available. All paperwork must be on file and current to attend.

In order for a child to attend Enrichment/Afternoon Adventures, parents must sign the sheet located on the bulletin board by the playground door. Sign-up sheets are posted at the end of Friday’s class, two weeks in advance. Parents can also call school in the morning to see if space is available.

Rate information is as follows:

Afternoon Adventures (Monday-Friday) 12:00-3:00

Pay by the session $30
Reserve days and pay per session Price is based on the number of days in the session
  1. Permanent slots will be offered to children currently enrolled at the Coop first.
  2. Sign-up begins in June.
  3. Families who reserve permanent slots in session one will get first priority to renew for session two and going forward.
  4. If, after Acton Coop children have had a chance to request permanent spots, there is additional space available, these spots will be made available to others in the following order:  siblings of currently enrolled children, interim members, and families in the community whose children are not currently enrolled at the Coop.

Summer and Vacation Enrichment/Afternoon Adventures

The holiday Enrichment/Afternoon Adventures will run during the few days that the Coop is closed before the Acton public school closes for winter break. The summer Enrichment/Afternoon Adventures program will begin after the end of the school year and will run for approximately 1-2 weeks until the Acton public school closes. Both programs will run from 9:15 AM to 1:00 PM. The program will be open to children who are age 2.9 or older.